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Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm EST
you talk to people within the calm county and parts of oakland, what they essentially will say it's for the last 10, 15, 20 years, the middle-class of this country has essentially been treading water. while there's been a tipping of the balance in favor of higher income groups and they think they would agree with the cbo said that that taping has not been promotion, promotion of economic growth. so, i think we remain on the democratic side that the ranks are so much changed within the mainstream of this country. while i think the republican conference is out of step. i think it's gone too far from the ranks of the ways and means republicans when i first joined the committee. >> we are going next to john mckenna and michael warren, jennifer to pull him up h. cunningham, stephen cooper and arthur such injured. >> can you talk more about tax reform that entitlement reform, how you see that process unfolding? are those two things going to be linked? do you have a target in mind for the deficit reduction that might be involved and just talk about how the process works. >> in terms of def
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
angeles and richmond in east oakland, and they wanted an opportunity to have their voices heard as school students who are in the crosshairs of this debate and conversation about school safety to add at least like an opportunity to share this short video clip so you can hear their voices. if you could queue up that video that would be great. >> trust me, i've heard the gunfire. >> my brothers and sisters are frugally outside. spent demand the plan spend no more violence. not in my classroom. not on my street corner. >> not on my playground. spent every day 14 kids are murdered. spent 14. >> not one, ma 14. >> fourteen every day. >> that's insane. >> demand a plan. spent health care. >> give me support. don't just kick me out of school. >> don't lock down our schools. >> more guns are not the answer. >> demand a plan, a real plan is that it's time for our leaders to take action. >> enough. >> enough. >> enough. >> thank you. that video can be found on youtube. it's now at about 1.4 million views, and so i just wanted to make sure the voice of these young people were represented in this hea
Jan 14, 2013 8:30am EST
baltimore, detroit, new orleans and oakland him and countless other communities large and small across this country. [silence] >> thank you. on behalf of myself and mike, who is traveling overseas, i'm honored to welcome you today. this summit which was conceived scarcely three weeks ago in the wake of the harrowing event transpired in newtown, connecticut. daniel webster, of the johns hopkins center for gun policy and research, were determined for the debate over gun control which must follow from this event be informed by the best research and analysis from across our country, and, indeed, the world. and so for the last several weeks they have devoted virtually every waking moment, in fact there have not been many moments in which they have had a chance to sleep, to organizing this conference. so the two of them, and to colleagues and staff at bloomberg school and elsewhere in our university, who supported them, thank you for your extraordinary leadership. [applause] >> there is, of course a distinctive and noteworthy twist to this summit. namely, that the distinguished experts who have r
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
similar acts of terror in oakland and tucson and virginia tech, all across our country. we see the loss of life everyday all across this nation. after the unthinkable in newtown, president obama spoke about if we are doing enough to protect our children. the answer, he admitted, is no. that must change. that is why we are here today. we will hear from people who deal with the effects of gun violence every day. a wide range of experience and expertise when we will facilitate a discussion on it, then step the we must take to ensure that these tragedies will never happen again. i have a letter from the teachers of newtown, which i will enter into the record. but i will share one sentence. it says in our schools we need to strike the right balance to ensure that schools are nurturing while also say. safe. and we need to strike the right balance what the schools do not become in a place where they cannot be kids. we need to find and maintain this balance between safety and learning. as we move forward during this difficult time, collaboration, communication, value and the voice of exper
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)